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Whenever you visit someone’s house or any facility/building, your eye falls on the external landscape at first. The lawn or curbs surrounding any   

building can speak volumes about the inhabitants. A well-groomed, tidy, fresh, and vibrant lawn attracts positive vibes and lifts your mood significantly. What little do people realize is that a lot of effort and hard work goes into the beautification and maintenance of any garden or lawn.

Lawn care is an essential duty that should be undertaken vigilantly by any lawn-owner. There are some basic steps that people can perform on their own or hire gardeners to do so. These include watering plants and the grass or trees, trimming or mowing the lawn regularly, planting new seeds and crops especially if you have a knack for gardening.  

However, some lawn duties cannot be conducted by any person who does not possess adequate knowledge of taking good care of their lawns. This refers to deep, seasonal cleanups, pest control, fertilizer treatment, weed control, seeding, aeration, disease management, etc. For such purposes, our lawn care company exists to provide you with top-notch, guaranteed services that will leave your lawn looking lush and gorgeous.  

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Our lawn care services cater to commercial and residential areas in all of Santa Ana and Los Angeles, California. As these cities are composed of a great variety of habitats like wetlands, mountains, and beaches, the land is quite fertile and species like sage scrubs, California poppy, Los Angeles sunflower, Coral Tree, etc., are favorably grown around. We offer unbeatable lawn care and maintenance services, all of which are handled by professionally trained, highly knowledgeable, and passionate staff members. They will treat your lawn like their own and pour in the foremost love and affection it needs.  

Taking a look into our services: 

1. Fertilizing: 

Fertilization is integral to providing nutrients to the plants in any garden or lawn. Fertilizers are high in Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium, all of which are essential elements for the growth of crops. They enhance the yield of the crops and even help in making the ground more fertile by improving the texture of the soil and recycling nitrogen. Fertilizers are a source of important bacteria that aid plant growth.  


Organic fertilizers are the best choices of fertilizers as the chemical ones often cause more harm than good. With organic ones, there are no side effects from chemical overuse, and these are completely safe around pets and people. With good quality organic fertilizers, diseases and weed can be reduced easily. They also strengthen the soil by aiding in the development of healthy, sturdy root systems.  


Our fertilizing personnel is fully trained in determining the best and most useful fertilizer for your lawn. First, a thorough inspection of your lawn will be performed, with a note of any existing problems being made, followed by detailed suggestions and guidance to make improvements. We can help you choose the optimum beneficial fertilizer for your garden and even do the work for you if you want.  


2. Lawn Mowing: 

Neatly trimmed and shaped lawns impart a graceful look on all the onlookers. Overly grown grass looks extremely untidy and also harbors unwanted, dangerous insects. With sufficient mowing, the load on the roots of the grass is also reduced as they need to supply nutrients and water to the top.  


With the help of a lawnmower, weekly trimming can be performed by the owners. However, very few people have the time and the right tools or knowledge to do so. A common mistake homeowners make is cutting the grass too short, which can damage the plant’s ability to perform photosynthesis. Hence, experts are better at lawn mowing as they take care of such vital details like the height, mowing pattern, and so on.  

We offer weekly lawn mowing services for the maintenance of your lawn. Not only do we beautifully shape your lawn and make it presentable, but we also can perform edging services along walkways, patios, and driveways as per your requirements. After the mowing is complete up to top-tier standards, our employees always ensure to clean up all the grass clippings and debris, leaving you with a stunning, smart, and lush lawn. If you require us to water your lawns, we can even do that daily or set up sprinklers all over.  


3. Aerating: 

Due to excessive foot traffic, the soil tends to get compacted by pressure over time. This impedes the microbes in the soil from accessing ample oxygen to break down the organic matter. Without proper organic substances, the soil will not be able to provide sufficient nutrients to plants. To avoid this from occurring, periodic aeration is quite necessary for lawns and gardens.  


With the help of aeration, the soil is de-compacted. Aerators are used to scoop out narrow portions of the soil, which leads to the formation of small holes. These holes enable water and nutrients to proliferate throughout the soil. It is recommended to aerate your lawn at least 3 times a year.  


Our lawn care business possesses the essential tools and machines to perform technical procedures such as aeration. We have skilled personnel who are quite proficient at carrying out aeration quite successfully and smoothly with special attention to detail and procedure protocols. Our people have had vast training and carry the right information with regards to dealing with all kinds of lawns.  


4. Weed Control: 

Weeds are sneaky and tend to pop up in even the healthiest of gardens. If your grass is strong and competitive, it can overpower and crowd out the weeds, but in many cases, weeds overtake the grass and ruin the appearance of the lawn. If it is just a few branches of weeds, they can easily be plopped out. However, heavily weeded lawns need professional help, or your grass will die out.  


The most common types of weed include the broadleaf weeds like chickweed, clover, and dandelions. With a massive weed problem, your lawn is in serious need of herbicides. This is a job we love to do for you, and trust us when we say that we do it very well. Our staff can handle your garden’s weed problems with just the right amount of herbicides so that no damage is caused to the grass and other plants. We assure you that our employees will take care of your lawn with the utmost love and compassion.  

5.Pest and Disease Control: 

Bugs and pests are highly attracted to homing beautiful lawns and can cause excessive damage if not kept in control. If you do have a lawn that is healthy and thriving, then pests will not be able to cause much harm. However, sometimes, these pests can multiply immensely and cause irreversible damage to your lawns. For this, spray or liquid-based insecticides become a necessity.  


Similarly, a few types of fungi species also love to feed on grass, and this leads to the buildup of disease in your plants. Disease control needs to be well taken care of or you could lose your lawn’s plants in no time. Just like we use insecticides for pest control, disease control requires fungicides to eliminate the problem.  


Our company offers thorough pest and disease control services for your lawns in Santa Ana and Los Angeles, California. Disease management cannot be carried out by owners as their knowledge about such matters could be quite limited. Therefore, it is advisable to call in professional help such as our company to take the pest and disease problem off of your hands.  


Why Choose Us 

Lawn care and management is quite a basic need which every lawn owner needs to be particularly alert and conscious about. Just like you have to nurture and care for your children and pets, similarly, lawns, gardens, and plants require love, gentle affection, and adequate attention too. We understand that not everybody has extra time or thorough knowledge to look after their lawns. 

This is why our company has been in the business of providing incomparable and top of the line lawn care services for all residential and commercial areas of Santa Ana and Los Angeles. Our team of trained experts has been licensed and certified to manage and pamper your lawns remarkably. From simple inspections to pest and disease control, we have you covered 100%. Our results always speak for itself in all of our jobs.  



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